Friday Sep 9 @ 02:28pm

Wednesday Sep 9 @ 05:51pm

Wednesday Sep 9 @ 12:25pm
Do not spend your life searching for a place to call home. Make the bones in your skeleton the only structure you need. Haley Hendrick Tuesday Sep 9 @ 09:19am

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 08:18am
Tuesday Sep 9 @ 08:14am
I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life. Elsie De Wolfe Monday Sep 9 @ 10:39am


My goal is to be very, very cute but also very, very spooky

Friday Sep 9 @ 06:30pm
Look at the Sun and the Moon… they make the perfect couple. Matt Healy The 1975 Friday Sep 9 @ 11:09am
Tuesday Sep 9 @ 05:17pm
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